sábado, 9 de enero de 2010


Esta pagina fue hecha con un sketch de la talentosa artista Beggahuna http://www.scrapbook.com/galleries/101207/view/2520521/-1/1.html.Somos la Nini y yo el dia 24 de Diciembre en nuestra casa.

This layout was designed with a sketch of the talented artist Beggahuna http://www.scrapbook.com/galleries/101207/view/2520521/-1/1.html.

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4 comentarios:

Gaz, Caz n Lucy in NZ dijo...

this is simply stunning, i LOVE it

Mandy dijo...

oh my gosh...this is stunning luzma!!!you clever girl!!!...xxx

Diana dijo...

Fabulous my friend. I hope you have a wall in your home for all your beautiful layouts..."Luzma's Gallery".

HazelQ dijo...

Gorgeous layout Luzma :) I love the colours, looks amazing!

puedes visitar esto!

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