jueves, 20 de mayo de 2010


My querida y mejor amiga Fran.Esta foto es del verano pasado,que lo pasamos juntas con nuestras familias.

My dear and best friend Fran.This pic is from last summer.We went together with our families to our summer vacations.

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5 comentarios:

Debbie dijo...

Beautiful, beautiful and beautiful. What a lovely layout of your friend. I love your color choices and how perfectly your flowers blend in with the paper!

Dara Lynn dijo...

What a beautiful tribute to your friend Luz! It is just stunning:)

Charlene dijo...

Stunning !!!!

Jackie Anderson dijo...

This is so very lovely! I just love how you did the circle! Going to put it in my faves file at SB.com!

Jocelyn dijo...

Oh this one is sooooo pretty!!! I adore the colors and all the different flowers....PERFECT!!!!

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