domingo, 13 de junio de 2010


La Nini tratando de convencerme para que la deje ir a una fiesta.Me convenciò???? Obvio que si,despues vendrà la foto con las amigas,lista para salir a la fiesta.

Nini trying to persuade me to let her go to a party LOL. Did she persuade me??? Of course yes,an I took a photo with her friends ready to leave!!

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Dara Lynn dijo...

At Nini's age, there is so much comedy !!! This is about one of the most cutest teenage layout I have seen!!!!!! It is so pretty but brought a smile and giggle to me!! I can remember doing the same thing!lol Just beautiful!!:)

Jocelyn dijo...

Just Perfect...I just adore each and every LO that you create...all filled with such wonderful detail and LOVE!!!

Have a great one!!!

Charlene dijo...

Just perfect! I love her face, that is priceless!!!

puedes visitar esto!

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