domingo, 26 de septiembre de 2010


Otra foto tomada por la Nini y esta vez tengo que admitirlo,me gusta la foto ja ja ja,salgo bastante favorecida,por eso el titulo.

Another pic taken by Nini and I`ve to admit it,I like it LOL!!! so is the title.

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7 comentarios:

Rochelle dijo...

such a pretty layout!! love the green and pink together and all the flowers/bling! Great job!

Jolaine Frias dijo...

No te culpo Luzma, te ves fabulosa! Y tu LO es precioso tambien!

Jolanda dijo...

You're beatiful Luzma and so kind!!Perfect combination i would say!!Beautiful flowers and very beautiful papers!!!Great work my friend!!And feel good!!!!Thats important.
Have a nice day.

Tara Orr dijo...

love your design - the bling and the blooms go together so wonderfully against the whitespace. hey - if you've got it, flaunt it!!! You go girl!!!

2Angels dijo...

Beautiful layout and gorgeous photo! :)

Jocelyn dijo...

Oh look at you...such a beauty!!!! Love this one...the flowers and colors are PERFECT!!!

Have a great one!!!

Melissa S. dijo...

You look spectacular and the layout is pretty darn nice too. Just love the flowers and the sentiment is perfect. Hugs Melissa

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