viernes, 29 de octubre de 2010


Solo una màs de la Nini.

Just one more of Nini.

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9 comentarios:

Cheryl Nelson dijo...

Incredibly LOVELY, I would say!!!!

MARILYN dijo...

Que hermosa te quedo esta pagina, Luzma!!! Todo armoniza perfectamente! Me gusta todo los detalles!! Bella, Bella!!! Cuidate,

2Angels dijo...

Beautiful! I love the colour comobination :)

Jocelyn dijo...

Great color it and I agree...Just Lovely!!!

Have a great day!!!

Helene dijo...

exactly just lovely!!!! beautiful colors!
Hugs from Quebec

Jolaine Frias dijo...

Te quedo increible amiga! Los toquecitos de negro y azul son perfectos con la bella foto!

PJ dijo...

This extremely beautiful your daughter looks so lovely :)
I have seen and loved your work :) and it's really sad that someone is using your projects and entering challenges ,eventually winning the prizes too.
Here is the blog address check it out .

Dr Sonia S V dijo...

Luz came by to appreciate the original work.How unfortunate that a crafter had stolen your work and posted it as hers.We the crafting community stand by you .
With deep respect
Dr Sonia S V

Bellaidea dijo...

Well, I am sorry for what happend but I am happy people know now it's your work now, hugs!

puedes visitar esto!

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