jueves, 25 de noviembre de 2010


Sigo haciendo mis tarjetas de Navidad,esta vez con este lindo timbre de Sarah Kay e inspirada en un sketch de Taylored Expression.

I´m making my christmas cards,this one with this sweet stamp by Sarah Kay and inspired on A Taylored Expression sketch.

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4 comentarios:

Meg Giroux dijo...

Luzma, your cards in the past couple posts are absolutely gorgeous! I love the images you are using, they are so cute!!!

Mary dijo...

¡Hola Luz Ma.

adoro Sarah, muy bonita tarjeta, preciosos los papeles que usaste!


Jolanda dijo...

How very very pretty Luzma,a real sweet card!
Have a nice day and weekend!!

Mireille dijo...

luzm this is wonderful! And your other card is here on my wall in my livingroom! Thank you again!

puedes visitar esto!

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