martes, 28 de diciembre de 2010


Otra página navideña,esta es nuestra foto familiar.La hice con la colección que me mandó MME de regalo por ganar una mensión en uno de sus concursos.

Another christmas layout,this is our family pic 2010. I made this layout with my MME prize I got as an honorable mention in one of their challenges.

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7 comentarios:

joeygirl86 dijo...

wow this is so beautiful!! I love the colors! and those flowers are so pretty! love it girly!!

2Angels dijo...

Beautiful layout Luzma, I love the swirls on the trees! :)

Cindy Gay dijo...

A very nice layout and family portrait.

Jolanda dijo...

Hey Luzma,this is amazing!!I love these papers!!
So cute,this picture,you're celebrating Christmas with warm weather...we have a lot of snow and it's so cold!!
Have a very nice day my friend!!
Best wishes,Jolanda

Monique dijo...

What a gorgeous layout Luzma!! Love the colors and the stamps you used! well, love it all actually, LOL! Like Jolanda said... it's strange to see you celebrating Xmas in warm weather :-)
Have a wonderful day!!

LG dijo...

too gorgeous for words!

MARILYN dijo...

Hermosa pagina!!! me encantan los colores y como la trabajastes....linda foto, tienes una linda familia, muchas bendiciones para ustedes en este nuevo año!! Cariños!!

puedes visitar esto!

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