domingo, 12 de diciembre de 2010


Mi marido con su nueva parrilla.La compramos est a semana para reemplazar nuestra vieja parrilla que ya nos había quedado chica.
Ayer hicimos un asado para nosotros 4 mientras adornábamos la casa para la navidad.

This is my dh with his new grill we bought this week because our old one was so little.Yesterday we made a barbecue for us while we were making our christmas decoration.

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5 comentarios:

Cindy Gay dijo...

A lovely design!

Jolanda dijo...

Beautiful Luzma,and it's so funny,here its freezing and we can't even think about BBQ!
Sounds nice to be outside without cold toes in Christmastime.....think of all the nice Christmas shoes...;)Hope you have a wonderful time of the year!!!! Lots of love!!

Sabrina dijo...

Hehehe so cute!! A lovely page and good composition about the wonderful day spent together! Take care :D

Jocelyn dijo...

So cute!!!!! I love the birdie!!!

Have a great one!!!

Cheryl Nelson dijo...

So fun and fabulous! LOVE it Luzma!!!

puedes visitar esto!

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