domingo, 30 de enero de 2011


La Nini y su amiga Camila posand antes de partir para una fiesta el pasado Diciembre. La Nini está usando una corona (solo para la foto ja ja ja) que se gano ensu fiesta de graduación por ser la reina de la fiesta!!!

Nini and her friend Camila posing before leaving to a party last December.Nini is wearing a crown (just for the photo LOL) , she won by being elected prom queen on her graduation party.

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7 comentarios:

Alia dijo...

Nice soft palette. Congratulations to Nini!

Shona dijo...

that layout is so it to bits my friend :)

Elin K. dijo...

Hi - I was awarded the Stylish Blogger Award for my blog, and I wanted to pass it forward to you! Thank you so very much for all the inspiration you have given me. :)

Check out my blog to pick up your award!

Thank you!

Nancy aka Homesclscrapper dijo...

Beautiful. Many great elements and Nini looks beautiful.

Jolanda dijo...

wow,amazing worl again Luzma,very very pretty...and the crown fits her so well!!
Your princess is such a pretty girl!!

dstandard dijo...

This is just amazing! Gorgeous details and beautiful flowers!

Marie Levite dijo...

This is such a soft and beautiful page!!

puedes visitar esto!

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