viernes, 8 de julio de 2011


Este es mi marido que se quedó dormido mientras navegabamos por los canales del sur de Chile.

This is my husband...he fell asleep while we were sailing through the southern channels of Chile.

Mi marido comiendo erizos (un famoso marisco que a el le fascina) en un restaurant el verano pasado.Chile es famoso por sus mariscos,debido a la extensa costa que tenemos.

My dh eating sea urchins(a famous and delicious..for him..sea food) in a restaurant last summer.Chile is famous for his seafood because of the long coast we have.

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8 comentarios:

Shona dijo...

those are great layout, love that he is sleeping with his life jacket on hehe...too cute :)

Lynette dijo...

Gorgeous layouts Luzma...and wonderful memories that you captured here. I love your choice of bright colors.

Bellaidea dijo...

Great layouts!

Joséphine dijo...

Very beautiful layouts!!

Cheryl Nelson dijo...

These are so FABULOUS! LOVE them!

Teresa Kline dijo...

these are fabulous...the colors are perfect and the sweetest embellies...have a fun and fabulous weekend!

enjoy *~*

Sharon dijo...

Awesome "manly" pages! I love both of them! Your designs are perfect!!!!

dstandard dijo...

Love the fabulous color here - awesome manly pages!

puedes visitar esto!

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