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Fuimos con la Nini de compras a Aventura mall en Miami en Julio pasado.En la foto está frente a una de sus tiendas favoritas Abercrombie,las otras son Hollister y Gilly Hicks.La verdad es que cuando entra dice mamá aqui todo es bonito!!!

We went shopping with Nini to Aventura mall in Miami last July.She´s in front of one of her favorite shops Abercrombie,the others are Hollister and Gilly Hicks.She said mom everything here is pretty!!

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Crie Artezzanato dijo...



Jennifer dijo...

An amazing LO with the Random line! Sweet photo. Oh I spent plenty of time in Hollister and Abercrombie when my girls were teenagers. The dark stores that are so crowded and you have to walk around furniture and large plants. hee hee Used to drive me and my husband crazy but the girl's loved it. :)

Trudy dijo...

Beautiful page Luzma , great colors and image.
Hugs Trudy

Shona dijo...

this is such a fun layout, love the colors and the embellishments ....beautiful

cnelson dijo...


carlies dijo...

Hey friend what sweetness design have you made !!

hugs carla

Sabrina dijo...

Hi hi Luzma, this page is very beautiful! I love that you have all the pretty colors on the black background. Great design great design!! :)))

EnglishTeacher Jurgita dijo...

Ilove it; very many details, but it's very beautiful


GORGEOUS, LO......TFS with us!

puedes visitar esto!

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