martes, 24 de enero de 2012


Hola a todas!!! Esta es my última tarjeta.....por el momento.Ya estoy de vuelta y tengo muchas tareas que completar antes de fin de mes.

Hi everybody!!! This is my last card.....for the moment.I´m back home and I´ve many assignments to have ready before end of the month.

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9 comentarios:

Cindy Gay dijo...

This is the cutest card!

cnelson dijo...

Oh my goodness FAB is this?! LOVE that telephone...the twine ...EVERYTHING! !

Trudy dijo...

Luzma, this is gorgeous. Wonderful creation and beautiful coloring.
Hugs Trudy

Rachael Elliott dijo...

Hi Luzma, glad you had a great time, this card is great, love the telephone!

carlies dijo...

Hi dear happy your back glad you had a wonderful time.
and adorable card!!

hugs carla

Amy 29 dijo...

Hi Luzma,

Love your pretty card!! Hope you and your family had a great time! That phone is very pretty.

ingrid dijo...

what a cute card! love it!

Karen Shady dijo...

your cards are just beautiful my friend, as is everything you do xx

Anna Sigga dijo...

that is one cute card.
Love the colors and the image on the card is so adorable

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