martes, 7 de agosto de 2012


Hola,tenemos un nuevos concurso de tarjetas en Bo Bunny,usar chevrons,están muy de moda así es que por que no tratas????

Hello,we have a new card challenge at Bo Bunny,use chevrons,there are in fashion so why not to give it a try????

También les quiero mostrar este chaleco que terminé hace unos días.
Also I want to share a new sweater I finished some days ago.

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Keren Tamir dijo...

beautiful card and I'm impressed again witht he sweater!!

Jennifer dijo...

Love the layered chevrons against the print paper! A beautiful card. Your sweater is lovely! How exciting to create something to wear!! Your knitting is flawless. Do I dare try to make a child's sweater this winter??? :)
I love that you are sharing your knit work on the blog. Have you heard about the Ravelry site? It is an awesome knitting source.

Sandi Cl~ dijo...

What a fabulous card .. love all the layers! You are rocking and rolling with your knitting .. the sweater looks great!

Shona dijo...

wow you are so talented :) love the card and the sweater!!!!

Bente Fagerberg dijo...

Beautiful card. And you Chilean ladies have such a nack when it comes to knitting. I remember the fine wools and angora yarns I could buy there.-Not like anywhere else in the world.I still have some I saved :-)
The cardigan looks beautiful.

Juliet dijo...

butterflies!!!!! what beauty!!! very much it is pleasant!!!!

cnelson dijo...

BEAUTIFUL...both the card and the sweater! You are one TALENTED gal!

Anna Sigga dijo...

Gorgeous card and I love the chevrons! Fab sweater BTW!

puedes visitar esto!

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